Employee and customer safety is a top concern for any aerospace business

Whether a carrier, a manufacturer or a service provider. Many times, workers lack internet connectivity which makes it difficult to use online auditing and reporting tools. Adding to the challenges, companies in this industry face strict regulatory requirements.

With the Capptions EHS platform, risks and challenges won’t appear out of thin air. You can instantly see the issues that need your attention and manage everything from ongoing compliance to incident reporting in one place.

β€œOur licence to operate was at stake.”

Aircraft Fuel Supply (AFS) was about to have serious issues with the authorities when they reached out to Capptions. Their local regular had sent them repeat warnings and was about to take their licence to operate.

Within 2 months of engaging Capptions, AFS was able to get a grip on their safety program and achieved positive ROI.


β€œNow we are able to follow through on each of the actions issued on a team and individual level, to get them done on time and according to spec.”

β€” Geertje Kramer, Compliance Coordinator at Aircraft Fuel Supply

QHSE first steps

Whatever you come up with, Capptions can do it


Speed up audits

Access the mobile app anywhere, any time even offline and perform safety audits with a few taps


Manage compliance 

Access safety reports including ASRs and CSRs and receive real-time non-compliance alerts 


Link incidents

Capture all types of data, including photo and video, and understand which incidents are related 


Connect facilities

Ensure all your locations follow the health and safety procedures designated by your company and national law


Assess risks

Rate the importance of workplace risks, follow up and take action to control them


Gain real-time insight

Use our customisable BI dashboard to track the safety metrics that matter most to you: energy use, emissions, etc. 

Take control of your EHS process with Capptions

Save hours on administration and integrate safety into your organisation

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