As a freelancer, you understand the importance
of serving more clients.

Sharing your knowledge and generating more revenue is essential. However, this can be challenging without the right tools and resources. That's where Capptions marketplace comes in.

Capptions marketplace is an online platform designed to help freelancers like you serve more clients, share your knowledge, and generate more revenue with the same amount of effort. With our easy-to-use interface and network of clients and freelancers, Capptions marketplace is a game-changer for experts like you looking to expand their business.

Join the other experts in our marketplace and check which templates they've already published! 

Build and sell your compliance workflows

Use a node-based workflow builder that makes it easy to scale your compliance workflows.

  • Create simple or complex, customizable workflows for any use-case
  • Streamline your compliance process & improve efficiency

Add Forms

Use the inspection form builder to turn your paper checklists and Excel spreadsheets into digital forms.

  • Build forms in a few minutes
  • Create simple or complex forms
  • Add conditional logic. Show and hide fields based on answers.

Generate Reports

Generate customizable reports and report templates. With just a few clicks, you can create professional-looking reports that can be tailored to your (or your clients) specific needs.

Choose who exactly to share the report with, giving you full control over the information you share.


Compliance can be a tedious process for businesses.

As a compliance specialist, you probably hear this more often. Clients struggle with keeping their compliance up to standard. But as an expert, you are more than happy to help. You like to share your knowledge. By bringing more value to your customers, you make sure they get their compliance right in place.

Kotug International was struggling with keeping their compliance up to standard. Until they got introduced to Capptions. 

Are you a compliance specialist?

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  • You're a legal taxable entity
  • You have proven expertise in compliance
  • You have sample content for review

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