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Bringing safer systems to Australian organisations

By Jonathan Stolk


July 22, 2020

HSE Systems Australia is the exclusive Australian partner of Capptions. They provide Health, Safety, Environment and Quality systems for businesses that are located in Australia and New Zealand.

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HSE Systems Australia is a division of Genroe Australia, which was founded in 2001 by Adam Ramshaw and their office is based in Sydney. Adam has been working in B2B engineering, marketing and sales businesses for more than 30 years. He used to work for the industrial process control division of Honeywell. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and has helped other organisations with implementing and executing software and their systems.

In June, we interviewed Adam about the partnership.

In 2002, Adam founded Genroe; a management consulting enterprise with offices in Sydney. They have worked with organisations including Iron Mountain, Wolters Kluwer, and MYOB. Genroe has both domestic and international clients. Adam already had some business connections in the Netherlands and that’s how the connection was made. He explained that Capptions contacted them first and after some calls, a partnership was formed.

“We want to bring safer systems to Australian organisations.”

The main goal of this collaboration is to help Australian companies with their processes by helping them to automate their safety systems. Capptions and Genroe believe that these corporations can improve their processes with the implementation of the EHS software.

Adam explained that there are three ways they want to help the organisations with the EHS solution. The first one is to help Australian companies run their businesses safely. The second one is to make their processes more automated and efficient. By using the software, a company can reduce their costs of running these processes. The last is to ensure the EHS solution is easy to implement and that it fits within the company culture.

According to Adam, the process of setting up the partnership was quite good. As with any collaboration, they had to discuss their goals and how they aim to achieve these. Adam had to get familiar with the EHS solution first and understand how it works before they could create a plan for the partnership. Adam’s business has previously partnered with software companies , and so understands what it takes to successfully launch an international software offering in Australia and New Zealand.

The next step to develop a plan for the collaboration. There were four main things that they had to think about and they were: what is the best way to sell the EHS solution, how should they market the product, how can the software be implemented and how can they support their customers.

It was clear from the outset that Capptions deeply cares about their customers and always have their best interests at heart.

It was clear from very early that both organisations have a similar focus on their customers’ success. Ultimately, having similar goals and culture makes for a great partnership.

Once Capptions and Genroe agreed a plan to provide outstanding local implementation and support, HSE Systems Australia was launched .

HSE Systems Australia is now the point of contact for Australian companies. They perform local customer support, technical support and implementation.

“Their software is targeted to the needs of their customers.”

Adam is enthusiastic about the EHS solutions’ potential locally.

He’s found it easy to use and appropriate. Most importantly, customers can manage their forms and processes directly and don’t have to rely on third parties

With a small amount of training, clients quickly become proficient and self supporting.The EHS solution’s purpose is to solve certain problems within an organisation’s process and Adam believes that there are companies with issues in their processes that the software of Capptions can solve for them.

“By working together in support of our customers, we can grow and become more successful as companies.”

Adam’s experiences with the partnership are very positive. He shared that they are receiving great support from Capptions. Adam said that the partnership gave both companies the opportunity to grow and become more successful than they would have been if they operated individually. The partnership is still in the early stages, but he is convinced that it will go well in the future. He strongly believes that there is a good market in Australia for EHS software and therefore, he sees a positive long-term future for this collaboration.

“I would highly recommend other corporations to start a partnership with Capptions.”

When Adam was asked if he would recommend other companies to start a collaboration with Capptions, he strongly answered with a “yes”. He has mentioned before that he thinks that the product of Capptions is outstanding and that he likes the company culture. He also commended the strong customer service. He believes that these factors together should encourage a business to want to collaborate with Capptions.

For now, Adam is looking forward to seeing HSE Systems Australia grow and expand their sales within Australia, but he is also excited to continue to work with Capptions for a long time.