Digitization of EHS processes: the choice is huge

Ajoy Gonsalves
Ajoy Gonsalves

Imagine, it's the end of Q1 and you have a board meeting on April 1. The pressure as an EHS manager is high, as the company expects a projection for the rest of the year. The CEO wants you to present your ideas on how you will achieve your goals this year. As a manager, you know that there have been a few setbacks in recent months that you will have to mitigate, but what is the solution? During the last meeting you also decided to (further) digitize the EHS processes. So there are many decisions to be made.


There are two fishermen, let's call them Paul and Steven. Paul is fly fishing, while Steve uses a fishing rod with a spinning reel. Paul catches one fish after another, while Steve catches none. So he asks Paul for advice and reads a book about fishing. Paul tells him that the secret to his success is the fishing spots and the use of a fly fishing rod. However, the book suggests that this is a technique best for advanced anglers and Steven should start with different baits. At the fishing shop he is advised to buy another rod and there are endless options when it comes to bait. What advice should Steven follow?

Choose EHS software

You are probably wondering why this story is relevant. Well, there is a whole list of companies that offer the service of digitizing your EHS program. We understand that it can be confusing and frustrating to choose a particular company from so many companies. Your company is used to current processes and making a drastic change with a steep learning curve will be expensive and time-consuming. Like Steven, you don't want to buy an expensive and sophisticated fly-fishing mast and have no guarantee of ever getting advanced. What you need is a system that adapts smoothly to your current processes, saving you time and costs and giving you a smoother learning curve.

That may sound fuzzy at the moment, but here's an example from one of our loyal customers and how we've helped them:

A Concrete Example

Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC is a 1.177 million cubic meter oil storage facility located in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah. The storage facility is built to the best industry specifications and meets international standards and the latest HSEQ standard with OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

FOT's challenge was to find ways to involve the entire team in actively measuring and monitoring the infrastructure and performance of their terminals. This was the only way to identify and eliminate or mitigate any problems before they could become harmful to their people, environment or assets. Using Capptions, they now make documented checks and findings. Each service uses the app to monitor the terminal twice a day. Resulting in:

  • A 300% increase in safety sightings
  • A 250% increase in employee engagement
  • A paperless and data-driven  EHS program
  • Fully Digitized OSHA and ISO Certification

What does Capptions offer?

 We provide an easy-to-use EHS software solution. What else do you get with us?

Ease of implementation

Capptions promises you ease of implementation. The software will make a difference when it comes to increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business, but the change in your processes will be mild. Our platform can easily integrate with all your current systems. The learning curve is mild, allowing you to bring your entire staff on board. In addition, our support team will help you through the whole process and provide you with FREE after-sales service.

Customer service

Our customer is our #1 priority and we make sure they know it. Capptions focuses on long-term customer relationships, because this way we all grow and it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. Customer support shapes all our departments and processes. Everything is done to fulfill the needs and wishes of our customers. Going with larger companies means limited contact with customer support, automated answering machines, and links that direct you to FAQs. With Capptions you will be referred, but then directly to our specialists. We encourage our customers to grow, and we couldn't grow without them. Two brains together think bigger than one.


Capptions will help you transition to our innovative solution, but you're probably wondering how beneficial this will be. To understand the benefits, we need to understand the problem. We surveyed more than 3,000 EHS executives in the US and South Africa to understand their current administrative burden. 80% of respondents say the following processes lead to paperwork:

  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Incident reports
  • Safety Observations
  • Maintenance checks

The same respondents also mentioned administrative burdens as their biggest challenge.

Capptions research 2019

As an EHS manager, you must present measurable data and reports with accurate numbers that demonstrate the benefits of these safety measurements. Outdated processes require you to manually collect data, which can cost you unnecessary time. According to Forbes, at least 88% of your spreadsheets have errors.

70% of respondents in our survey say they are mostly frustrated with missing/incomplete forms and the manual data entry process. By using our solution, you as a manager can control every step of your process.

Data flow is on everyone's agenda, the principle of our company is to solve this problem for you. Your organization needs integration when it comes to security, because it is everyone's business and your staff can easily contribute to it. With our app, even your front liners can get this data to you and report on issues as they arise. Just imagine how much data you could collect.

Capptions has all the components when looking for a supplier to digitize your EHS program. You don't want an expensive and over-complicated piece of software that you may never get the hang of. What you need is software that will help you gradually improve these processes to make them more efficient and effective, while making a significant change. We don't expect you to know the software well right away, so we'll make sure you get used to it. Capptions will be there to support you from day one.