4 Ways EHS Software Improves Productivity

Jonathan Stolk
Jonathan Stolk

Having information flow freely through your organisation can reduce operational risks. Productivity is crucial for any organisational growth. Companies are looking to increase productivity, but often ignore that information is the key essential in which to implement change.

To enable easy access to critical information, your workflow should have a better information system than a paper based one. Having a digital solution in your day-to-day operations can ultimately increase your organisation’s productivity.

If you ask us, the opportunity lies in the use of mobile devices, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone, yet companies are not reaping the full benefit. Mobile devices offer more speed, accuracy and efficiency in operational areas.

For example, oil and gas industries must have the right information to make it easier for field operators to train, plan, and execute tasks. For these type of industries, they are mostly isolated and suffer from lack of information flow between management and the work floor.

This affects their productivity. By having a digital information tool, it can reduce errors, improve workforce engagement, reduce operations and maintenance costs and improve productivity throughout the whole organisation.

Changing your information flow by digitising improves 4 key elements:

1. Operations

A great deal of productivity is lost due to organisational operating procedures, mostly because they are often paper based or outdated. By implementing a faster and more efficient way of handling your day-to-day operations and eliminating manual handling, your staff can easily respond to high or low severity events on the shop floor.

Why not switch to a more decentralised system? It will make spotting non conformities a whole lot easier. Quickly identifying high severity events can prevent an incident before it even occurs. Having an incident occur can slow down your daily operations and can affect your organisation as a whole.

2. Scheduling and planning

Using a system that easily allows you to assign tasks and have follow-ups from the comfort of your computer has never been so easy. For example, someone on your team is completing a workplace inspection and notices faulty wiring.

What can they do? Using a mobile device that works online and offline gives them the freedom to create an action so another team member can take immediate action and fix the faulty wiring. They immediately receive a notification and can take action. Deadlines can be set so you can easily keep track of who’s done what and where. Keeping track of your team all through one platform cuts down on time and thus increases efficiency.

3. Maintenance

Having an outdated system is bound to negatively affect your organisation. This can be because the maintenance program isn’t equipped to keep up with your operations.  

Changing from a paper based system to a digital one can improve your asset reliability and reduce cost by predicting failures, streamlining your operations and reducing maintenance as a whole, which increases production efficiency.

4. Engagement

By involving the workforce and connecting more efficiently and effectively, engagement will increase sufficiently. Poorly managed work groups are 50% less productive.

Allow your team to work smarter and perform better. By being able to follow up automatically and digitally assign tasks, the gap between management and the shop floor will close significantly. The information flow in your organisation will be smoother and strategic methods can be implemented.

We can conclude that when it comes to operational excellence in your organisation that access to information plays a major role. This makes your workforce more productive and reliable. Having an updated digital solution will continue to improve your industrial operations and lead to innovational ideas that can improve your organisation as a whole. When choosing the right digital solution, be sure to outline your process and make sure that the software is a real improvement on the the current situation.