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Internship: Forming The Link Between Marketing And Sales

By Ajoy Gonsalves

Capptions News

May 11, 2020

As our company continues to grow so does our team. Allow us to introduce our newest member, Amber Kranenburg! She is the new Marketing and Sales intern and will be assisting in following up on our Dutch leads specifically and supporting our marketing efforts. 


Amber is currently attending Avans University in Breda, where she is majoring in Commercial Economy. Her study program is quite broad, but it is mostly focused on marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. She also did an international business study prior to her current bachelor program. Throughout the studies, she realised that she had a passion for marketing and sales and that she wanted to pursue a career in these business fields. For her internship, Amber was searching for a marketing and sales position at a company located in Rotterdam and this is how she ended up at Capptions.


As the Marketing and Sales intern, she will be the middleman between the Marketing and Sales departments alongside our other intern Naomi, who you have met before. Her daily tasks vary from doing demos and sales conversations to brainstorming on new marketing campaigns.


“By doing my internship at Capptions, I hope to understand the business world better and to find out how a business internally operates.”


It already has been a few weeks since she started to work for Capptions. Amber said that she learned a lot in this short period of time. She followed online sales trainings, practiced giving demos and got to know the company better. Amber has high expectations of her internship as this is her first time working at a real company. Since Capptions is a relatively small organisation, she has the opportunity to become a true asset to the team and to do “real” work. No coffee runs here. During her internship, she wants to learn the whole sales process and how to do sales conversations by herself. She hopes that she can do real sales pitches and demos with potential customers soon.


“The team is very open and welcoming. They made sure that I feel at ease even in this unusual time, working from home.”


The team was very happy to have a new team member and they ensured that Amber felt welcomed in the company. Amber mentioned that everyone was very helpful and would make time for her to explain the Capptions software and her tasks. With the help from others, Amber learned a lot about the company internally and was able to start her internship successfully.


Just like every other intern, Amber also has an internship assignment. Although, the internship is mainly for her to gain more experiences, it is still important for her to do an actual school assignment aside from working for the company. Her internship assignment consists out of two parts, which are a vlog and an infographic. She believes that she will do a good job on the assignment with the help from Capptions and her new knowledge.


Now that we know a lot about Amber’s internship, we also want to know her a little bit better. Amber is 20 years old and she lives with her family in Rotterdam. During her free time, she likes to meet up with friends, spend quality time with her family and like many other students, she also likes to go out. After graduating from her study program, she would like to travel in Asia for a year and she would like to visit China, Cambodia and Vietnam in particular.


“In the future, I would like to work in the software industry.”


After traveling, Amber wants to start working in the Marketing and Sales department at an international software company. She said that she likes to do sales conversations and to have one-on-one contact with potential customers. She is quite certain about her future plans, but for now, she looks forward to work at Capptions and to learn more about the software industry.