What is an EHS Visit and How It Keeps Your Workplace Safe

What is an EHS Visit and How It Keeps Your Workplace Safe

Ajoy Gonsalves
Ajoy Gonsalves

If you’re a business owner, it’s your job to keep your workplace safe for employees and customers. One of the most important tools you can use to do so is Employee Health & Safety (EHS) visits. But what exactly are they? And how can they make a difference in your business? In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of EHS visits and why they are essential for businesses.

#1. What is an EHS Visit?

First things first: what is an EHS visit? In short, it’s an inspection conducted by either employers or external organizations that assesses whether procedures are being followed correctly if any risks need to be addressed and if there are any areas of the business where improvements could be made. During an EHS visit, all relevant safety regulations must be followed - from simple observations during regular activities to more comprehensive inspections of electrical wiring, access points, fire exits, etc. The goal of these visits is to identify potential hazards before they become serious issues or cause injury - ensuring that the workplace remains safe and compliant with all applicable standards.

#2. What Are The Benefits Of An EHS Visit?

When it comes to the benefits of an EHS visit, both employers and employees alike stand to gain. For employers, it offers peace of mind knowing that all safety protocols have been met; it also provides valuable feedback about potential areas for improvement in order to maintain safety protocols even better within the organization. As far as employees go, they benefit from knowing their employer takes their health and well-being seriously - which can lead to greater job satisfaction overall. Additionally, these visits help ensure their own safety on the job - further increasing morale across the board!

#3. What Should Be Included In An EHS Visit?

An effective EHS visit should include detailed observation of premises and equipment as well as questioning staff members on their knowledge of safety procedures. During these visits it is important to check that staff are following established guidelines such as reflecting protective clothing when handling hazardous chemicals or machinery; verifying industrial equipment maintenance schedules; checking existing access control systems; evaluating ergonomic hazards; investigating hazardous materials storage locations; inspecting fire extinguishers; and much more!

#4. How Often Should You Conduct An EHS Visit?

It’s recommended that businesses conduct at least one full inspection every year depending on industry needs - some places may require more frequent inspections due to higher risks associated with operations taking place on their premises such as manufacturing plants or chemical laboratories. Additionally, shorter ‘spot checks’ should be done throughout the year just to double-check check everything is still running safely according to necessary regulations .

#5. Conclusion

In conclusion, when it comes down to properly maintaining safety standards within your business, nothing beats conducting routine EHS visits. Making sure all workplace regulations are up-to-date not only keeps everyone safe but also helps ensure compliance with current laws while fostering a culture of care amongst employees!