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Are you an EHS consultancy or industry-leading business looking to establish your expertise, harmonize compliance standards, and digitize processes?

Elevate your organization's compliance status with our platform. Showcase your industry expertise, unify compliance across your subsidiaries, and start your digital compliance journey.

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Empower your organization

See how you can enhance your industry reputation, streamline compliance, and drive digital transformation as an enterprise partner.

Unify compliance standards

Harmonize all silos

Implement consistent compliance workflows, forms, and reports throughout your organization, ensuring alignment and efficiency.

Strengthen your industry expertise

Showcase your compliance leadership

Publish your compliance templates on our marketplace to fortify your subject-matter expertise and further position your company as an industry leader.

Drive digital transformation

Simplify and modernize compliance

Leverage our platform to digitize your compliance processes, making them more accessible, manageable, and scalable for your organization.

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Create your own Forms

Use the inspection form builder to turn your paper checklists and Excel spreadsheets into digital forms.

Quick & Easy
Build forms in a matter of seconds
Add conditional logic to help (your team) complete inspections faster. Show and hide fields based on their answers.


Generate your own custom Reports

Generate customizable reports and report templates. With just a few clicks, you can create professional-looking reports that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Share with confidence
Choose who exactly to share the report with, giving you full control over the information you share. Including audit trails that cannot be tampered with.
Customize with no-code
Change everything from the colours, typography, logo, display fields and other settings. No coding requried.
Customize with code
Further your customization with the possibility of adding your own HTML & CSS if needed.


Build your own Workflows

Use a node-based workflow builder that makes it easy to scale your compliance workflows.

Build like you imagine
Create simple or complex, customizable workflows for any use-case
Build once, automate forever
Streamline your compliance process and improve efficiency

The Capptions Advantage

Empower your compliance strategies with Capptions

Overcoming the limitations of traditional approaches and fragmented systems

Traditional approaches

Various outdated systems and approaches pose challenges for enterprises. Managing separate compliance systems can lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

  • Inconsistent compliance standards across departments
  • Time-consuming client search and acquisition
  • Lack of unified compliance management system

Capptions Marketplace

Capptions empowers enterprise partners with a unified compliance management system. Showcase your expertise on our marketplace and attract clients. Enjoy seamless collaboration, streamlined workflows, and strengthened industry leadership.

  • Unified compliance management system
  • Showcase your expertise on our marketplace
  • Enhance your industry reputation and reach
  • Streamline compliance processes across subsidiaries
  • Drive digital transformation in compliance management
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