Food safety and hygiene are undoubtedly a top priority for any company in the FMCG industry

From slipping and falling to rheumatic disorders and hazardous substances, employees face a number of risks in their daily work. At the same time, food and beverage companies are facing ever-so-stringent regulations related to issues like water pollution, waste management and hazardous substances.

Capptions enables EHS managers in this fast-paced industry to get notified and address challenges as soon as they arise.

“We were able to perform more checks faster and the relative workload is less.”

Dutch company Nature’s Pride used paper to perform quality checks in their plants. They decided to try the Capptions platform to digitise their QHSE processes.

A few months later, the safety team at Nature’s Pride spends much less time in QA checks, reporting and actions. Here’s what they say about Capptions:


“If you are still working with paper, I recommend you start using Capptions tomorrow. You can divide your administrative time by four and increase employee engagement.” 

— Pierre Autret,
Director of Lean Six Sigma at Ardagh Group

Case video with Nature's Pride
QHSE first steps

Whatever you come up with, Capptions can do it


Speed up QA checks

The Capptions mobile app lets you perform more checks in less time and generates reports for you


Health & Hygiene

Monitor key requirements such as personal hygiene and enable employees to document hazards  


Inspect suppliers

Conduct proactive audits to ensure your suppliers utilize best practices and meet all standards


Standardize EHS processes

Connect all your facilities in a single, secure EHS platform where all data is kept safe


Ensure compliance

Identify risks and receive non-compliance alerts to ensure alignment with quality standards


Make data-driven decisions 

From raw material inspections to packaging, Capptions helps you turn your EHS data into insights

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