Guaranteeing safety in logistics is no easy feat


On one hand you have to mitigate workplace risks such as those related to warehouse operations and journey management. On the other hand, you have to prevent unwanted loss of containment because this could translate into fines, penalties, remediation costs and even loss of business.

Capptions helps you take a proactive (instead of reactive) approach to your EHS management. It gives you a complete, real-time view on your cycle of operations—the risks, hazards, incidents, and so on.

ILT saves 30% on inspection tasks

ILT, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, came to Capptions when they needed a platform to generate reports quickly and easily. With the help of the Capptions team, they built a custom app that streamlined all of their non-desk work.

The solution facilitates internal partnerships and enables multidisciplinary collaborations within ILT. As a result, more and more processes are being incorporated into the platform.

Ben Zwartveld

“The Capptions solution helps us become One Inspectorate, it forges internal partnerships, it enables multidisciplinary cooperation and makes all administration work dead simple!”

— Ben Zwartveld,
Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

QHSE first steps

Whatever you come up with, Capptions can do it


Mobile audits

Inspect vehicles, distribution centers, equipment, and other assets using custom forms and a mobile device


Maintain compliance

Easily create the necessary forms, capture data and generate reports needed for EHS compliance 


Risk assessment

Assign severity measures to reported issues and quickly follow-up on the most pressing hazards


One app, many offices 

Ensure your EHS process is carried out in the same way across locations  


Audit partners

Conduct proactive checks to assess risk related to partner operations and ensure they meet all quality standards


One platform, all your data

From emissions and air quality to waste and spills, you can track all your KPIs with Capptions

Take control of your EHS process

Save hours on administration and integrate safety into your organisation

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