In our hometown, Rotterdam, we’ve seen firsthand how hazardous the maritime industry can be

Whether your organization operates offshore or at the waterfront, your employees face a plethora of health and safety risks every second of every day. That’s why it’s important to be able to track your operations live and respond as quickly as possible.

Capptions is designed to help you reduce uncertainty, take control of your EHS process and support your field workers even when they are out in the sea.

β€œWithin 1 month we got the data flowing!”

Ampelmann B.V. has a great team of front-line workers who are committed to quality, safety and operational excellence wherever they work.

In order to continuously improve in the field they operate in, they needed to capture and share data from the front-line on a day-to-day basis. The Capptions team helped them set up a custom data capturing app. 


β€œWe now have an app that is easy to use and the result is real time insight into our operations.”

β€” Pascal Blom, IT Manager at

QHSE first steps

Whatever you come up with, Capptions can do it


Report remotely

A Boat Mechanic can, for example, report a chemical spill risk and the EHS team will get notified instantly


Ace your audits

Define custom forms and allow evidence to be submitted in any form including photos and videos


Manage hazards

When a hazard is reported, it can be assigned to a specific person with a specific priority level


All data in one place

Incidents, risks, safety data sheets (SDSs)... All your data is stored in a secure online vault 


 Minimize risk

The Safety Manager can minimize risk by examining metrics such as Lost-Time Incident Rate and Near Misses


Monitor compliance

Keep track of custom KPIs across facilities to ensure you comply with health and safety regulations

Take control of your EHS process

Save hours on administration and integrate safety into your organisation

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