No matter what industry you work in, Capptions will help you improve.

Increase your insight as a manager and make administrative work on the work floor easier and faster. This way, Capptions reduces the distance between the office and the work floor, and helps to accelerate processes. Your team will thank you for it.

Our customers are spread out all over the world and across a wide range of industries and sectors. So, it doesnโ€™t matter which industry your organization operates in. Would you like to streamline processes and improve communication between the office and the workfloor? Then youโ€™ve come to the right place: Capptions is designed to minimize the administrative hassle!

โ€œThanks to Capptions, we have a better sense of control over our company!โ€

Yield consists of several teams, including 10 real estate managers. They inspect more than 200 buildings every quarter. With the growing number of customers and the maintenance of more than 600,000 m2 of surface area, the paperwork of the inspections took more and more time and it became difficult for the company to maintain uniformity of reporting.

With Capptionsโ€™ solution, Yield saves time and can now respond more quickly to inspection findings.

In the past, it took each property manager 3 hours spread out over a number of days to complete an inspection and the necessary reporting. Now, it takes them a mere 45 minutes. Capptions is saving them a total of 1800 hours a year! This new found time is now being spent on other, more lucrative projects.

Patrick van der Vliet

โ€œPreviously a tenant would have called us with a complaint, now we are one step ahead of them. The result of this is that we have more satisfied tenants and therefore also more satisfied customers.โ€

โ€” Patrick van der Vliet, Yield Plus

QHSE first steps

Whatever you come up with, Capptions makes it work

Report remotely

For example, a technician can do an on-site inspection, which immediately enters the office as soon as it is completed.
Better decisions

Capptions helps you to convert your data into practical insight. Switch from Excel to a dashboard and reporting that really benefits you and your team.
Realise follow-up

Once an action is defined, it is assigned and scheduled. Actions include an indication of priority and a deadline.
Save time

We all know that paper and manual processes take a lot of time and it doesn't make anyone happy. Switch to collecting digital data today.
Richer data than before

By means of photo, video and rich data, people in the office understand much better what is going on in the workplace.
Monitoring compliance

Keep an eye on all your self-selected KPIs to ensure that you comply with all health and safety rules.

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