A solid EHS process results in:

75% time savings⏰ 10% cost savings πŸ’΅ 2% profit increaseπŸ“ˆ

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Tick all your boxes!

Tick all your boxes!
No More Paper βœ”οΈ
Streamline your EHS workflow across facilities and get rid of tedious paperwork
Engage Workers βœ”οΈ
Let front-line workers capture data on the go with nothing but their smartphones
Centralise data βœ”οΈ
Store all your EHS data in a secure hub that can be accessed anywhere, any time
Gain Insight βœ”οΈ

Get real-time insight into your operations and run custom reports
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β€œThe speed at which we can act has made a meaningful difference to our team.”

β€” Ilja Bangma,
HSEQ-coΓΆrdinator at Van Der Ende

IconCapptions is like a box of Legos

With which you can discover trends and help you make choices based on information – With just the push of a button.
Design your own forms

Need a work permit form? Or a construction site inspection form? You can start with our pre-made templates or make your own from scratch.

Take action and follow up 

Observations and incident reports arrive instantly in your inbox and you can set automatic follow-ups.

Capture data

Users can upload any type of data including video, photo and location with a few taps of the smartphone app. Easy to use and it works even offline.

Measure and learn

Analyse trends, make data-driven decisions and generate beautiful reports with the click of a button. Reporting made simple.

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You name it, Capptions will do it

From inspections to incident registrations. From follow-up to reporting. Capptions makes it possible to process all the data.

Incident registration
Streamline EHS processes
Easy to use
One central dashbaord
No more paperwork

Getting started with Capptions

Depending on you use case, you can choose from different packages. Not sure which one suits you best? Feel free to contact us.


€ 12
Per user, per month
  • Mobile app
  • 10 Capptions
  • Template builder
  • Reporting
  • Action module
  • Observation module
Free Trial


Custom pricing
  • Branded app
  • Unlimited Capptions
  • All modules
  • Premium features
  • Branded email
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum amount of users?

No, at Capptions you can start with as little or as many users as you want. You can always add more as needed.

What is a Capption?

This is a completed form. On the Standard package, 10 are included per user per month. On the Business package it's 20 and on Enterprise you get unlimited Capptions. You can always buy additional ones.

Is there a setup fee?

This depends on the package. The setup fee for Standard is €500 and for Business it's €750. This includes setting up the platform and online training.

Does Capptions work offline?

Yes, Capptions also works offline. We are aware of the fact that some of our users might end up in areas where they'll loose their internet connection. That's why we made sure that you can work offline. As soon as you're reconnected, the data will sync up.

Who manages the platform?

You will become owner of your company's environment on our platform. This means, for example, that you can make changes to a template yourself or add users. We've done our best to make it as easy as possible so that you can do most things by yourself.

Are there integration options?

Absolutely. There are countless ways to connect Capptions to your current systems. Some of which we'll have already done for existing customers, making it an easy fix. For example with BI and ERP systems.

What types of companies can use Capptions?

It doesn't really matter what type of company. There are a lot of processes for which Capptions can be used. Our software is used by companies in a variety of industries, of various sizes, and located all over the world. It is true that we specialise in EHS-related use cases. Not sure if Capptions suits you? Feel free to contact us.