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Managing compliance is challenging

Compliance can be tough. This can be very frustrating. It’s important to note that compliance tools should facilitate the unique way you do business.

Unclear responsibilities

Who is responsible for what? Ambiguity in roles leads to confusion and missed compliance tasks.

Missed deadlines

Important dates slipping through the cracks due to lack of organized scheduling and reminders.

Unorganized data

Compliance information scattered across paper-forms, multiple spreadsheets, worker’s phones, mailboxes etc.

Unanticipated incidents

Issues arise without warning. Complaints, near misses, incidents, they catch you off guard all the time.

Inefficient processes

Time-consuming manual tasks that slow down productivity and hinder progress. Repetitive work is annoying co-workers.

Inconsistent documentation

Lack of standardized forms and reports. Different teams use different processes. Difficult to compare or benchmark.

Complex regulations

Running out of date with ever-changing legal requirements. At the same time your shop floor reality changes even faster.

Insufficient training

Employees inadequately trained in compliance procedures. They’re tired of multiple form and process switches and refuse to provide input any longer.

Poor communication

Lack of transparency and communication among teams. People feeling unheard due to lacking feedback. They disengage in the process altogether.

Everything you need to be compliant

Always be prepared for an internal/external audit, because you'll be on top of things rather than running behind.

Engaged employees

Achieve seamless collaboration with an engaged team all in one place. You'll notice your employees adopting one unified compliance system and process.

Engaged Employees

Workflow Builder

Use a no-code drag-and-drop flowchart-like workflow builder to standardize your processes.

Feature 02

Reliable Dashboards

Track, analyze, and manage all your compliance data in one place with intuitive dashboards that offer real-time visibility and actionable insights.

Workflow Menu

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed with instant notifications on compliance status, deadlines, and incidents

Comprehensive Reports

Generate detailed reports with a few clicks, providing insights and analytics to improve compliance

Secure Data Management

Ensure your data is protected with robust security features and regular backups

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to streamline data flow and reduce duplication of efforts

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform designed to make compliance management straightforward

Audit Preparation Tools

Access tools specifically designed to help you prepare for both internal and external audits efficiently

Continuous Support

Benefit from ongoing support and updates to ensure your compliance processes remain up-to-date and effective

Customizable Templates

Utilize pre-built templates tailored to your industry, or customize them to fit your unique processes

Simple Mobile App

Use our mobile app specifically dedicated to your shop-floor workers, eliminating time-consuming paperwork.

Global Health & Safety Manager @ Trivium Packaging

"Since Capptions, it's been much easier to administer all our behavioral observations and incidents. It's easy to use for our shop-floor employees. Instead of paper and sheets, we now have one system. Easy-to-use, it gives us the information we need."

Robert H

Global Health & Safety Manager @ Trivium Packaging

Corporate QHSE Manager @ Kotug International

"The Capptions platform allows me to think in possibilities instead of limitations. Safety Management can only be effective if you help people instead of making their life difficult. Capptions gives us the tool for this."

Marijn C.

Corporate QHSE Manager @ Kotug International

Technical Supervisor @ Royal Den Hartogh Logistics

"I like working with Capptions because it's simple, easy to use, and you'll always have the latest form available."

Peter B.

Technical Supervisor @ Royal Den Hartogh Logistics

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