How Capptions can help


Inspect on the go

Imagine going on site in the morning and doing your daily security audit in 10 minutes, with your smartphone


Manage documents 

When a standard or a regulation is updated, you can modify your forms in a matter of minutes


Involve employees

Capptions helps create a culture of good housekeeping and empowers employees to report risks and hazards


Integrate safety

Integrate your safety, quality and environment systems with day-to-day operation


Secure cargo

Before moving the cargo can be inspected and any defects in the lashings can be reported


Ensure compliance

Track custom KPIs and update your documents to stay compliant to all rules and regulations

What is EHS Software

Environment, Health and Safety Software (EHS software) provides a centralized place for your company’s safety program management.

Such a platform connects your workforce by providing a single space in which to store essential safety-related data, key EHS performance metrics, information on tasks, and more.

Macbook Form builder

Capptions has proven record to enhance safety processes through:

  • 75% Time Saving regarding data collection and processing of safety forms
  • 10% Cost Saving regarding developing safety forms
  • 2% bottom-line Profit Increase

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