EHS Software That Works The Way You Do

We've developed an innovative EHS management app focused on involving floor workers, and providing effective data to EHS managers.

But... don't just take our word for it, test us out πŸ˜‰

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Hands-off setup

We take the time to understand your current safety processes and help you configure Capptions to your own unique workflow.  

Customised EHS software 

We provide the EHS platform, you determine the content. Build your own templates, set up workflows, work online and offline. .

Easy implementation

Capptions integrates with existing IT systems and provides a powerful API for you to build your custom apps.

Plan – Do – Check – Act (and beyond)

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Plan… to speed up your EHS process

Get rid of paper forms with the Capptions easy Form Builder. No coding or prior experience is needed.

  • Create custom data capture forms straight from the dashboard
  • Add questions and rules to make your forms smart
  • Instantly share forms with colleagues and start capturing the data you need
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Do… Data Capture Anywhere, Any time

The Capptions mobile app enables everyone in your organisation to collect EHS data even when they are offline.

  • Fill out any form on your mobile device, from an inspection form to an audit
  • Management is instantly notified about new data coming in
  • Engage employees in managing health and safety
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Check… And share observations

In Capptions, each report is called an β€œobservation”. You can use observations to report unsafe situations, to document quality issues or any other health and safety task.

  • Attach photo, video, GPS location and other data to avoid misunderstandings
  • Organise observations in casefiles and categorise by type, location and other attributes
  • Assign priority to each observation and automatically notify stakeholders
iPhone capptions Action module

Act… Now, not later

Create Actions from your Observations and notify stakeholders in real-time.

  • You can take preventive or corrective action instantly
  • Everyone has a personal list of to-dos with clear deadlines
  • When an employee completes an Action, he/she can attach proof (e.g. photo) and the file will be closed
  • As a team leader or manager, be in control of the execution of tasks
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Beyond… Data capture

The Capptions dashboard lets you track custom metrics and view all inspections, actions and observations in one place.

  • Analyse your data and find trends
  • Visualise your findings any way you want β€” from bar graphs to pie charts
  • Export beautiful PDF reports with one click

All the integrations you need

There are a number of ways to connect Capptions to your existing IT systems:

Legal Things
Power BI
Microsoft Dynamics 365
.. and more

Standards driven approach to building custom integrations. Our developers love a challenge!

Secure by design

We protect your data both in the air and in the database. You own your data, always.

We encrypt your data both while stored and in transit to protect it from prying eyes.
Blockchain can be enabled for distributed workflows and to prevent data from being tampered with
Capptions is 100% GDPR compliant which means that we will never share your data with 3rd parties
Secure by design