Build your compliance process, your way

Empower your team to create tailored compliance workflows with a user-friendly platform. Digitize, streamline, and centralize all your compliance tasks effortlessly.

Packaging workers

Build your own workflows

Create processes that fit your specific needs, as simple or complex as you'd like.

User-Friendly Interface

Webapp built for compliance manager, and a mobile app built for your shop-floor workers.

Real-Time Dashboards

Monitor compliance in real-time. Define and visualise your KPIs.

Use tools built to help you scale your processes

Customizable Workflows

Tailor workflows to fit your compliance needs

Customizable Workflows with Capptions

Build Forms

Create simple or complex forms as you require

Build Forms with Capptions

Create Reports

Create compliance focused reports, the way you need it to be

Build Reports with Capptions

Visualize Dashboards

View real-time compliance analytics on all your data

Build Reports with Capptions
Compliance manager working with Capptions

Compliance management bound to your creativity

Utilize a variety of builders and tools to create and run compliance processes, as per your imagination.


Adapt processes to your unique requirements


Grow and adjust as your business evolves

Friendly Support

We're here for you, always happy to help you optimize your process

Overcoming compliance challenges

We understand situations in compliance that cause frustration. Capptions is built to support you in overcoming those hurdles.

Manual processes

Reduce the need for extensive manual input - easily automate it instead!

Missed Deadlines

Stay up-to-date instant notifications, reminders, auto-completion, and a lot more.

Unstructured Data

Build a single source of truth. Centralize and organize compliance data.

Let's join hands towards a safer workplace

Our purpose is to make #ourworldsafer by helping all organizations become compliant to safety and sustainability standards while boosting their operational excellence and efficiency.

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