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Founded by two brothers with a shared vision, Capptions was created to tackle the complex challenges of business compliance across industries such as construction, maritime, and packaging. Realizing that a lack of compliance leads to fatal workplace incidents, they embarked on a mission to make the world a safer place. With a deep passion for software and a commitment to safety, Capptions is dedicated to transforming how businesses manage compliance. Our mantra is simple: Safety is our mission, software is our skill.

  • EHS Compliance
  • ESG Reporting
  • Workflow Automation
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Expert Support


In 2015, Capptions began its journey with a clear goal: to make compliance straightforward and effective. Leveraging their expertise in software development, the founders developed a platform that addresses the unique needs of various industries. The company quickly gained traction, thanks to its innovative approach and user-centric design. Today, Capptions is recognized for its ability to simplify complex compliance processes, making it easier for businesses to meet regulatory requirements and ensure workplace safety.

The challenge

Compliance is often seen as a cumbersome and complex aspect of business operations. For many organizations, keeping up with ever-changing regulations and ensuring all processes are compliant can be daunting. This challenge is particularly pronounced in high-risk industries where non-compliance can lead to severe consequences. Capptions was created to address these issues head-on, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that helps businesses stay compliant and prevent incidents. Our platform is designed to be adaptable, scalable, and robust, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of our clients.

Meet our team

We're a small team, looking to make a big impact in compliance. We value integrity, transparency, and damn good humour.

Let's join hands towards a safer workplace

Our purpose is to make #ourworldsafer by helping all organizations become compliant to safety and sustainability standards while boosting their operational excellence and efficiency.

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