It All Starts With Your Employees

If you take a walk around a modern port, you’ll probably see it. Employees and supervisors carry around safety forms and work permits printed on paper. Regardless of the weather, they have to fill out these forms and send them back to the office. Very often, it doesn’t happen.

Whether it’s a paper form or a slow, complicated piece of EHS software, whether it’s a port or a chemical plant, the problem is the same. Many workers are not motivated to submit health and safety data. To most, it’s an administrative burden that has no real benefit for them. It’s just something they have to do.

What if capturing EHS data was easy, quick and effective?

The truth is that your employees care about their health and safety. And if you provide them with the right tools, they will gladly report work hazards and potential risks. We’re saying this from experience because we’ve seen it happen in all types of industries—from sea shipping and  construction to aviation and manufacturing. 

You need to engage your employees in the EHS process because you can’t expect health and safety professionals to do all the work. It’s everyone’s job. And if you give your people the right tools, they will help you assess risks, prevent incidents and achieve operational excellence.

We created Capptions to enable everyone in your company to capture health and safety data, so you will have a clear, real-time view on your operations.

Built for doing the job

Capptions was born in the Dutch city of Rotterdam—Europe’s biggest port. And if there is one thing our city is famous for, it’s this: People here are doers, not talkers.

When building Capptions, we aimed to reflect the spirit of our hometown. We aimed to create a system that helps you do your job without standing in your way. That’s why we made the mobile app so easy to use that it requires no training. That’s why we made the BI dashboard so easy to customize that it could fit any industry and any process.

Capptions doesn’t stand in your way. It doesn’t force you to change your workflow. It’s built for doing your job, your way.