Ampelmann and Capptions: Revolutionizing EHS in High-Stakes Industries


Introducing Ampelmann

, the leading provider of motion-compensated gangways, operates over 60 systems worldwide, mainly in the oil, gas, and wind sectors. Their commitment to safety and efficiency in challenging environments is paramount.

The Challenge

In high-stakes industries, effective EHS management is critical. Before Capptions, Ampelmann faced challenges in managing diverse safety processes efficiently. Capptions' Impact:

  • Digital Integration: Added features like digital toolbox talks, risk assessments, non-conformity reports, and site visits.
  • Efficient EHS Management: Streamlined HSE department operations, leading to improved efficiency.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Provided precise data reporting to management, crucial for informed decision-making.

The Results

Ampelmann's experience with Capptions underscores the transformative power of digital EHS solutions. Their journey is inspirational for EHS Managers and CEOs in similar high-risk industries, showcasing how embracing technology leads to enhanced safety and operational efficiency. Join us in exploring how Ampelmann leverages Capptions for superior EHS management.

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