Ardagh Group and Capptions: Redefining EHS Auditing for Efficiency and Accuracy


Introducing Ardagh Group

, a global powerhouse in packaging solutions, champions innovation and sustainability. With a decade-long commitment to Lean Six Sigma and 5S methodologies, they continually strive for operational excellence.

The Challenge

Managing efficient safety audits across multiple plants posed a significant challenge for Ardagh Group, with traditional Excel-based methods consuming considerable time and resources.

Capptions' Solution

  • Digital Revolution: Transitioned to Capptions for streamlined, digital audits.
  • Time Efficiency: Achieved a fourfold reduction in audit time, boosting productivity.
  • Standardization and Documentation: Enhanced consistency and accuracy in safety procedures.

Results and Impact

Ardagh Group's partnership with Capptions illustrates the transformative potential of digital tools in EHS management. It serves as an inspiration for EHS Managers and CEOs in manufacturing and other industries, demonstrating the benefits of digital solutions in driving operational efficiency and safety. Explore Ardagh Group's journey in achieving excellence in EHS management with Capptions.

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