A Beginner's Guide to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Inspections


For businesses, large or small, safety should always be a top priority. Every industry must comply with environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws and regulations in order to provide a safe work environment. To ensure that these laws are followed, companies must conduct routine EHS inspections.

#1. What Is an EHS Inspection?

An EHS inspection is an examination of the workplace by qualified personnel to identify any potential hazards that can endanger the employee’s health or safety. It also includes a review of compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to the environment, health and safety. The purpose of an EHS inspection is to help employers create a safe work environment for their employees and visitors while also ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

#2. Types of Inspections

There are two types of inspections when it comes to workplace safety – formal and informal. Formal inspections involve examining all areas of the workplace for potential hazards. This type of inspection usually takes longer than informal inspections because it requires a detailed review of both the physical environment as well as policies that are in place to protect employees from potential hazards. Informal inspections focus on identifying issues quickly so that corrective action can be taken before more serious accidents take place. This type of inspection does not require as much detail as a formal one but still provides valuable information about potential risks in the workplace.

#3. Why Are EHS Inspections Important?

EHS compliance is one of the most important aspects of running a safe business. By proactively addressing potential hazards in your workplace through regular inspections, you can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries occurring at your facility. Additionally, having a strong safety program in place can help protect your company from costly fines or lawsuits should something unfortunate occur at your workplace.

#4. How Can I Prepare for an EHS Inspection?

The best way to prepare for an inspection is by making sure that all required paperwork and documentation is up-to-date and readily available for review by the auditor. Additionally, it's important to make sure that any potential hazards have been identified and addressed prior to the inspection taking place. A good practice is to have an employee walk through each area of the facility with fresh eyes prior to the audit in order to uncover any issues that may have been missed during routine inspections. Finally, it's also important to make sure that all employees are trained on proper safety protocols so they can easily answer any questions asked by the auditor during their visit.

#5. Conducting an Inspection

When conducting an inspection, it is important to have qualified personnel who understand the company’s procedures and policies as well as any applicable laws or regulations related to safety in the workplace. During the inspection process, this personnel should look for any potential issues such as unsafe working conditions, inadequate lighting or ventilation systems, hazardous materials not properly stored or labeled, or lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). After completing the inspection, they should document their findings in a report which should include recommendations on how to address any identified risks or violations found during the course of their examination.

#6. Conclusion

EHS Inspections are essential for businesses looking to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations while providing a safe work environment for employees and visitors alike. By understanding what an EHS inspection entails, employers can ensure that their workplaces meet all applicable standards while helping prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring due to inadequate safety measures being taken in the workplace. When conducted properly by qualified personnel who understand both company procedures as well as all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to safety in the workplace, EHS inspections can go a long way toward protecting both people and companies from costly accidents that could potentially result in injury or even death—ultimately leading businesses down a path towards greater success!

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