EHS Industry Leaders Reveal their 8 Favorite Interview Questions


Hiring the right person for an Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) role is vital for any organization. The ideal candidate will not only have the necessary skills and experience, but they'll also be a good cultural fit for your company.

So, what interview questions can you ask to assess both a candidate's qualifications and their suitability for the role? We reached out to some of the top EHS leaders in the industry to get their take on the best EHS interview questions. Here's what they had to say:

1. Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental health and safety (EHS) is the branch of public health that deals with the prevention of environmental hazards. EHS professionals protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, radiation, biological agents, and other dangerous materials. They work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare.

2. What are the key EHS functions?

EHS professionals are responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing, and enforcing safety policies and procedures
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Providing training on health and safety hazards
  • Managing hazardous materials and waste
  • Investigating accidents and incidents

3. EHS Interview Questions

1. What experience do you have with managing safety data?

2. Can you give me an example of a time when you had to manage a difficult situation?

3. What do you think are the most important qualities for success in an EHS role?

4. What do you know about our company and our EHS program?

5. What do you perceive as the biggest challenges facing the EHS industry today?

6. Can you think of a time when you had to go above and beyond your job description?

7. What motivates you to perform your best work?

8. Do you have any questions for me about the role or our company?

The above questions are suitable for interviewing:

  • Safety Specialist
  • Safety Manager

4.1 What is a Safety Specialist

A safety specialist is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professional who specializes in the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. They work to identify and mitigate health and safety risks in the workplace, and they often provide training on health and safety hazards. Safety specialists typically have a degree in occupational safety and health or a related field.

4.2 What is a Safety Manager

A Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe and that workers are following safety procedures. They may work for a company or for a government agency.

4.3 What is the Main Difference Between Safety Specialist and Safety Manager?

The main difference between a safety specialist and a safety manager is that a safety specialist is responsible for implementing and enforcing safety policies, while a safety manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing safety policies. Safety specialists are also responsible for conducting risk assessments, providing training on health and safety hazards, and managing hazardous materials. Safety managers are also responsible for investigating accidents and incidents.

4.4 How do I interview an EHS manager?

To interview an EHS manager, you will want to be well-prepared. You will want to research the company and the position you are interviewing for. You should also be familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and its regulations. During the interview, you should be prepared to discuss your safety experience and knowledge, as well as your ability to comply with safety regulations.

5. Conclusion

Choosing the right questions for an EHS interview is essential for identifying candidates who not only possess the required skills and knowledge but also fit well within your company's culture. These eight questions will help you evaluate candidates effectively

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