Heembouw & Aboma: Enhancing Construction Safety with Capptions


About Heembouw & Aboma

, a leading design and construction company, specializes in the design and implementation of office buildings and residential projects. They prioritize safety, quality, and planning in their daily management of construction sites. Partnering with , an advisory agency specializing in construction safety and vertical transport, Heembouw has embraced the Aboma Check App to elevate safety standards on their sites. This app, built on the platform, reflects a strong collaboration between Aboma and Capptions, aiming to conduct 3000 inspections annually.

The Challenge

In the construction industry, managing safety effectively is a critical challenge. Heembouw sought a tool that could integrate safety reporting seamlessly into their workflow.

Capptions’ Role in Transforming Safety Management

  • Innovative Solution: The Aboma Check App, developed on Capptions’ platform, enables workplace inspections and safety observations based on Aboma's methodology.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Provides Heembouw with valuable data to identify and rectify unsafe situations on construction sites.
  • Future Expansion: Plans to further utilize the app for comprehensive workplace inspections.

Impact and Future Directions

The partnership of Heembouw, Aboma, and Capptions demonstrates the potential of digital solutions in construction safety management.

  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Facilitates more effective and efficient safety inspections.
  • Proactive Safety Measures: Empowers Heembouw to address safety concerns promptly, fostering a safer construction environment.
  • Scalable Solutions: Potential for expanding the app's use, reinforcing the commitment to safety.

Heembouw & Aboma's journey with Capptions is an inspiring example for EHS Managers, CEOs, and industry leaders, showcasing how technology can be leveraged to create safer, more efficient construction sites. Explore how Heembouw & Aboma are using Capptions to redefine safety management in construction.

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