Incident Report Checklist: Everything You Need to Know


Incident Report Checklist

The Incident Report Checklist is a document that should be used to report any incidents to the proper authorities. It's important for people who are filling out these forms to make sure they include as much information as possible about the incident so it can be properly investigated and resolved quickly.

Incident Reports

Incident reporting is an important part of organizational safety. It's an essential tool to document any incidents that occur in the workplace, as well as the steps that are taken to address them. This helps to ensure that everyone is aware of any potential hazards, and that the organization is taking steps to keep its employees safe.

Incident reports can also be helpful for tracking patterns or trends. This can help to identify potential hazards before they become a problem. It can also help to improve safety procedures, policies, safety measures, potential hazard, and corrective actions.

If you are involved in a specific incident, it is important to complete an incident report. This will help ensure that the situation is addressed properly, also it can be used (often) in many court cases.

Incident Report Form Checklist

By general rule, an incident report form (also called, accident report form) is a document used to record details (to report injuries, damages, etc.) of the incident occurred. The form should include the date and time of the incident, as well as the names of all those involved.

The form should also list the sequence of events, and describe any injuries and damage sustained, only the essential information of the incident happened. There are some "different ways" to record incidents such as:

  • General Incident Report Form
  • Workplace incident report form
  • Incident Investigation Form
  • Incident Reports Form

Workplace Incident Report Form

A Workplace Incident Report is a type of legal document that identifies the location of where an incident takes place at your job site, the employee incident, who was involved, what caused the incident, how many people were injured or killed during the time of the incident, who were the injured employees, what kind of injuries or death occurred during the time of the incident, and what occurred afterward.

It is beneficial to fill out a Workplace Incident Report because it could prevent other employees from suffering injuries or even death in the future. A Workplace Incident Report should always be typed up and sent to the upper management unless the building only has one hard copy of its form.

What Should be Included in an Incident Report Report?

When an incident occurs in the workplace, it is important to document all of the details related to the event using incident report forms. This includes writing a report with all the relevant information about the incident, as well as taking steps to prevent any future occurrences.

An incident report usually should include the following information, you can use some ideas below such as:


Full names and contact details of the person, people, or parties (e.g companies) involved in the incident

Date and Time of the Incident

The exact time and day, valuable information of when the incident occurred.

The location of the incident.

The specific location of the incident and its description. Sometimes not only an individual can be "dangerous", but also the environment can help to cause incidents.

Details of the Incident

What happened, environmental conditions, injuries, or property damage. If it was caused by natural disasters, uncontrolled hazards.

  • Note: If any physical and environmental conditions have contributed, that should also be documented to get into the root cause.

Individuals Involved

How many individuals, and whom these concerned parties were (things or property), affected people, or injured employees.

Chronological Order

Chronological "timeline" of what "exactly" happened. Try to focus on the essential, only facts.

Injury Details

What kind of injuries (physical or psychological injury) have been occurred. If any death, then write the time, date, and all other important information.


Who was with them and what did they see happen? If someone was present when the incident happened, their contribution will help a lot to understand what occurred.

Witness Statements

What exactly happened from other witnesses, watch out for biased statements. Try to attend only to the facts

The (supervisor/manager/police officer) on duty

Usually, there will be someone in charge in the incident location, it can be a supervisor, manager, or even a police officer (in case it occurred on the streets). Where were they, when did they arrive, what are their contact details?

Photo Evidence

Clear evidence of the Injuries or equipment damages to help in the report whenever written can be "difficult" to explain.

How the incident was handled

How did you and the organization respond? What has been done after the incident, effects on individual employees, safety meetings that were conducted?

Injury Prevention Evaluation

Sometimes you may not notice, but safety officials yes. Safety officers can help to identify these security breaches, to raise awareness of what can cause injuries or damages.

Corrective Measures

What preventive or corrective measures have been put into place as a result of the incident.

How do I Make an Incident Report?

If you are involved, it is important to write an incident report to document and gather information of the details related to the event. The form should include the date and time of the incident, as well as the names of all those involved.

Start with listing the sequence of events, and describe any injuries and damage sustained. You should only provide the essential information about what happened. There are some different ways to record incidents, such as: General Incident Report Form, Incident Investigation Form, Incident Reports Form, among others.

It is beneficial to fill out a Workplace Incident Report because it could prevent other employees from suffering injuries or even death in the future. A Workplace Incident Report


Accidents can happen at any time. The last thing you want is for an accident to happen and not have a thorough report detailing the circumstances surrounding it, including all relevant information such as what happened, when did it occur, who was involved, and so on.

That's why we recommend using workplace incident reports in order to document all of these details about the event whenever there's been an "incident". You'll be able to keep track of your records with this form that includes dates and times.

If you're looking for more ways to prevent accidents from happening again in the future or need help creating one yourself,

You may also use some ideas from our article on how to make up an incident report which includes providing relevant information such as dates and times, the location where it took place, etc., injuries sustained including the type of injury, witnesses present with their statements, etc., actions taken

We specialize in helping businesses create work-related forms with our mobile app like these ones: General Incident Report Form, Incident Investigation Form, among others

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