Kotug International: Navigating Safety Management Innovations with Capptions


About Kotug International

Rooted in a rich history since 1934, , headquartered in Rotterdam, has been a pioneer in maritime services. Specializing in innovative and sustainable towing solutions, Kotug is committed to ensuring safety and quality in all its operations.

The Challenge

Managing safety in the maritime industry, with its unique set of challenges, requires more than traditional approaches. As Corporate QHSE Manager, Marijn Cox sought a solution that could adapt to the modern ways of working and enhance safety management across Kotug's operations.

Capptions: A Versatile Tool for Safety Management

  • User-Friendly Interface: As a user, Marijn appreciates Capptions' simplicity, allowing him to capture photos and make notes directly on his phone to describe safety situations.
  • Design Flexibility: From a management perspective, Capptions provided Marijn the flexibility to design and adapt the system according to Kotug's specific needs.
  • Expanding Horizons: Capptions has enabled Kotug to think beyond traditional safety management, offering versatile solutions rather than limitations.

Impact and Innovation

Kotug's adoption of Capptions signifies a strategic move towards more dynamic and effective safety management.

  • Enhanced Safety Reporting: Simplified reporting encourages more frequent and accurate safety observations.
  • Creative Problem-Solving: The versatility of Capptions inspires innovative approaches to safety challenges.
  • Broader Application Potential: Demonstrates the possibility of applying the tool to various aspects of safety management.

Kotug International’s journey with Capptions serves as an inspiring example for EHS Managers, CEOs, and professionals in the maritime industry, showcasing how embracing digital tools can revolutionize safety management. Explore how Kotug International leverages Capptions to innovate and enhance their safety management systems.

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