Nature's Pride achieves 50% time savings with inspection software

Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride supplies more than 230 unique fruits and vegetables from 56 countries. They specialize in ripening mangoes and avocados. Nature's Pride stands for quality assurance and efficiency, among other things. In this way, they ensure optimum quality of fruit and vegetables for end users to enjoy every day.

Capptions as inspection software

The company uses Capptions as a platform for conducting inspections for health, safety, environmental and quality purposes. We asked Twan de Berk, HSE coordinator, and Dave Dekker, QA manager, about their experience with the software.

Twan shares that before using Capptions, it took his team two hours to conduct an inspection, while now it takes just an hour. That's a 50% time saving! Previously, inspections were performed on paper and the data was then entered manually into Excel. The benefit of that time saved is the ability to perform more inspections and increase the level of security within the organization.

Inspections app

Another advantage according to Twan is that Capptions is an app-based platform. This means that the app can be installed on any smart device, allowing employees to perform inspections on their phones and eliminate the need for the company to purchase special equipment. It also makes it an easily accessible process for employees to complete inspections or submit a report.

The way of communicating with employees is simpler because it closes the gap between the office and the shop floor. Photos provide more insight than plain text and feedback is made easy via notifications. Not to mention the ability to assign follow-up actions. This process, from reporting to feedback, to follow-up is now much shorter than before. Overall, they have been able to reduce the administrative workload by 50%.

Capptions as quality software

Dave is responsible for quality assurance, for which Capptions can also be used. Nature's Pride started with Capptions in their HSE department and then expanded to the QA department to include workplace hygiene control.

"Before we started using Capptions, we had a very low-tech way of working with hygiene controle." - Dave Dekker, QA manager

Dave's intent was to find a solution that would provide a more intuitive way of working with all the actions and controls they perform. According to him, the app is very easy to work with, and it was easily picked up by the user, in this case the team leaders.

Nature's Pride - Maasdijk

“The support team took us by the hand to help us on our way. We built the forms and started working on them. The transition was smooth, not only for us at the office, but also for the users." - Dave Dekker, QA manager

As with Twan, his experience is that the administrative workload has been halved. In addition, there is an improvement in the follow-up of all generated actions.

The power of the platform

In the past, many emails went around, aiming to ensure actions were completed and photos added as evidence. Now all of that happens in the app and you get instant feedback.

“I would describe Capptions as an app that leads the way in the world of inspections. Not many or companies do the same. You can really shape the platform yourself, which I think is unique." - Dave Dekker, QA manager

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