Our Premium Offerings


Capptions has two new premium offerings to make sure you get the most out of our platform. A new SLA to help you make a huge success, and a premium feature package: lots of extra functionality to make sure you get the information you need.

Premium SLA

Capptions adds a new level of service to its proposition. If you’re looking for experts to support you in implementing Capptions in the best way possible, this is for you. During recurring meetings goals and next steps are clearly identified, new functionality is discussed and explained. The progress on them is being tracked and discussed continuously. Our team will guide you through the implementation, help identifying new use cases and help make decisions, based on their experience in other projects.

Another great plus of the offer is the priority support lane. Your tickets will be handled with priority, so no time is lost waiting on the support team to respond.

You’ll be invited to a bi-annual roadmap round table, to discuss future developments and the overall direction Capptions is taking.

You can enable the Premium SLA per year with upfront payment. For pricing please contact Frank.

Premium Features Package

To deliver even more functionality we’ve bundled some of our most used premium features in a package. This package includes amongst others

  • Data values & Formulas: Include formulas in your templates, to make your results more quantitative and less open for discussion. This can be very helpful when you want to pass or fail inspected items or when you want to know the quality of a product or project. Scores can be combined with labels to add a visual result to the report and the Capptions overview.
  • Mapview: The map view is a visual representation of the data you captured. You can show the location of Capptions, case files and observations. The pointers are clickable, so you can directly drill town to the actual data.
  • Scheduling: If you have a lot of recurring forms to be filled out, but you’re struggling to get them actually completed, you can use the scheduler. You can assign Capptions on a recurring basis, for example once per week. The assignment will trigger a notification to the person that has to complete the form that their Capption is ready for them. You can also set a deadline, so you can keep track of the people or teams that are (not) completing their forms correctly.

These premium offerings are designed to empower your organization with enhanced functionality and support, ensuring you optimize your use of Capptions.

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