SOSvolaris and Capptions link services

Professional alarms coupled with a powerful and flexible EHS management platform.

Thanks to the link between EHS management software and the platform you can automatically record alarms in the Capptions platform. This allows you to bundle information from reports and use it directly for inspections, incident registration, follow-up, and reporting.

About SOSvolaris and its alarm solution for professionals

helps companies work more safely with its smart alarms. Thanks to the alarm, professionals can do their work safely and carefree wherever they are. The alarm solutions are specially developed for professionals who work alone or who are at increased risk. The alarm is based on hardware, cloud software, and alarm follow-up.

You create an alarm via an emergency button, timer or man down function. The cloud platform of SOSvolaris then ensures that the right help is deployed in an emergency. This can be, for example, a monitoring center or a scenario that is started up, such as a text or voice message to a group of emergency responders. You decide what to do in case of an emergency from the web browser. The strength of SOSvolaris is the platform, the extensive scenario options and the advanced location determination within.

Many companies in the industry use the alarm for employees who work alone or in shifts.

About Capptions' EHS management platform

Capptions provides flexible EHS management software. This allows you to record data efficiently in order to gain more insight into your operational activities. By registering data centrally and digitally, you can use it efficiently. This means you always have all the information you need, in real-time, and you can make better decisions.

The Capptions platform is packed with features and functionalities that contribute to a safer working environment. Capptions in short:

Capture data (Capptions): data is collected through reports from employees, inspectors or other systems such as the SOSvolaris platform.

Assign actions: assign actions (automatically) based on data or notifications and follow up until they have been completed, also ensuring compliance.

Analyse and report: make powerful analyses for risk assessment and evaluations, for example. Flexible dashboards provide more insight.

Capptions runs in the cloud. This gives you insight into data everywhere and always. The software is used internationally by governments, manufacturers, inspectors and safety regions, among others.

How the integration works

When an alarm is raised or another message is registered, the SOSvolaris platform starts a scenario. The preset scenarios then automatically creates a Capption in the platform. In addition to alarm notifications, you can also use other notifications such as an empty beacon battery or the presence of an employee or company emergency worker. Lastly, it is also possible to start actions or retrieve data from the Capptions platform.

Thanks to this link, Capptions users have all notifications in one EHS dashboard. You can also combine and use other data in the analyses and reports. This gives you complete control over processes and you can proactively increase safety in the workplace.

"This link offers our customers the opportunity to make powerful analyses by bundling different data. Prevention is better than cure, good analyses can help to prevent incidents" - Mark Cudok, co-founder of SOSvolaris

Do you want to know more about the alarm or the EHS management software? Contact SOSvolaris via or Capptions via: . The team is happy to help you to work more safely and efficiently.

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