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Scaffolding Training Europe, also known as , is a Dutch training institute. Over the past 29 years, STE has established itself as a market leader in the Safe Working at Heights industry. The head office is located in Barendrecht, but the company also has branches abroad.

The founder, Miel Ferket, started the company with the goal of making the industry safer. STE is convinced that it can make the industry safer by offering employees the right knowledge and skills.

In May, STE and Capptions entered into a partnership and we had the pleasure of doing an interview with Erik Deutekom, the QA/QC manager of STE and initiator of the collaboration between the two companies

“The mutual enthusiasm about security and the industry has motivated me to partner with Capptions.”

Erik said he got to know Capptions after meeting Jonathan. During the conversation there was an immediate click between the two men. They quickly realized that both companies have the same goal: to make work at height safer. Jonathan explained how Capptions' EHS software can help and what the possibilities are. This quickly generated interest and enthusiasm to start using the software.

Since the start of this year, STE has started to digitize its processes. Erik explained that the current process of inspections is not efficient. The company still works with paper forms. STE employees and customers physically go to the sites to perform an inspection and then return to the office to update records.

Often the necessary lists were not filled in in detail, as a result the company missed certain problems and nuances. This was a big problem for STE. After Erik and Jonathan talked about digitizing, he realized that Capptions' EHS software was exactly what they needed to make their processes easier.

“With the help of Capptions' management system, we can more easily collect data and identify trends that we can incorporate in our teaching materials.”

According to Erik, STE's processes would become easier and more efficient by implementing the software. Employees can then fill out an inspection form directly on site and, if necessary, they can also add a photo or video as an attachment. A picture often says more than a thousand words. This also ensures that the data is accurate and detailed. The management team at the office also has direct access to the new information.

Erik highly praises the nature of the software, which ensures the communication circle between office and workplace is alive and in realtime. Because data collection has become easier and structured, analyzing and recognizing trends has become easier for STE. And, this also allows the teaching material to be kept up-to-date. Another big advantage that Erik saw in Capptions is the low threshold of the software.

The app is very user-friendly, and no training is required to get started. STE was looking for an app that was easy and accessible to use, so Capptions was the perfect company for STE to work with.

“Capptions genuinely thinks with the customer and listens carefully to the needs and wishes of a customer.”

STE and Capptions are now working together to provide a personalized app for STE. Erik explained that STE has certain wishes and expectations of the software. He wants to create an app together with Capptions that is perfect for the industry in which they work. The current Capptions software allows users to build their own forms.

For STE, this means that it can condense the collective knowledge and experience of the STE specialists into reusable forms that match the training they provide and that provide specific value for use in industry. That is why they ultimately chose to make a so-called 'branded app' available instead of using the Capptions app.
The flexibility of Capptions' platform combined with STE's substantive knowledge and industry-specific network provides a unique value proposition. STE does not have to start an expensive and time-consuming process to have its own solution developed. Capptions is already proven and readily available. STE adds training, substantive expertise, support and service to the solution. This makes Hi Forms 4 All the perfect, most complete and most useful solution for working at height in the industry.

The collaboration between STE and Capptions has been very positive so far. Erik praises Capptions for the customer service and the pleasant contact. He believes that they listen carefully to them as a customer and that the company also thinks along about the possibilities. Erik also indicates that his experience so far shows that they think in solutions, which for him is confirmation that STE has made the right decision. Erik is looking forward to a positive and long-term collaboration between STE and Capptions.

“If another company has a problem that I think can be solved with this EHS software I would definitely recommend them to start a partnership with Capptions.”

Erik is convinced that Capptions has the knowledge and skills to help other companies to solve challenges as well. He would in any case heartily recommend the software because of the personal approach and strong vision when it comes to working safely.
For now, Erik is looking forward to seeing the personalized app for STE appear in the app stores and a good and long collaboration with Capptions.

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