Trivium Packaging: Elevating Health and Safety Management with Capptions


About Trivium Packaging

, located in Hogeveen, Netherlands, is a key player in the production of metal packaging. Their products, ranging from cans for the food, seafood, nutrition, paints, and coatings industries to aerosol cans, play a critical role in various sectors. Robert Hofmans, as the Global Head of Health and Safety, oversees the implementation of health and safety strategies across the Trivium Group.

The Challenge

With a focus on health and safety in a manufacturing environment, Trivium faced the challenge of efficiently administering and tracking safety observations, incident reports, and behavioral-based safety inspections.

Capptions’ Role in Transforming Safety Management

  • Streamlined Reporting: Capptions offered an easy-to-use solution for reporting near misses, dangerous situations, and accidents.
  • Enhanced Safety Observations: Facilitated simpler administration and follow-up of behavioral observations and incident reports.
  • Engaging Employees: The platform's user-friendliness for shop floor employees ensured greater participation in safety initiatives.

Impact and Progress

The adoption of Capptions by Trivium signifies a major enhancement in their health and safety management processes.

  • Improved Data Management: Transitioning from paper and Excel sheets to a unified system provided comprehensive insights.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Workers can track their reports, and results are shared weekly, fostering a culture of safety.
  • Effective Communication: Regular updates on TV screens enhance awareness and transparency in safety practices.

Trivium Packaging’s journey with Capptions serves as an inspiring example for EHS Managers and CEOs in the manufacturing industry, demonstrating how digital tools can revolutionize health and safety management. Explore how Trivium Packaging uses Capptions to optimize their health and safety initiatives.

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