Van der Ende: Revolutionizing Maintenance with Capptions EHS Software


About Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group

, a leader in the maintenance of assets, excels in offering protective solutions and services. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in their operations reflects a dedication to quality and efficiency.

The Transformation with Capptions

Before adopting digital tools, Van der Ende relied on paper forms for registrations, a method that was cumbersome and slow. With the introduction of Capptions, they experienced a revolutionary change in their operations.

  • Doubling of Registrations: Each year, the amount of registrations nearly doubled, showcasing the effectiveness of the software in facilitating data collection.
  • Improved Report Quality: The quality of reports received from the operational field saw a significant improvement, offering better insights and clarity.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Capptions proved to be a highly flexible and adaptive tool, capable of adjusting to various workflows and client requirements.

Impact and Future Prospects

The adoption of Capptions by Van der Ende marks a significant leap in their approach to maintenance and asset protection.

  • Rapid Response Capabilities: The digital format of the software allows for quick responses to arising issues, a crucial factor in maintenance.
  • Increased Efficiency: The transition from paper to digital led to more streamlined processes and enhanced productivity.
  • Versatility in Applications: The general platform nature of Capptions means it can be adapted not only within Van der Ende but also to different client needs.

Van der Ende’s journey with Capptions serves as an inspiring example for EHS Managers and CEOs in the asset protection and maintenance industry, highlighting how digital solutions can transform operations and improve efficiency. Explore how Van der Ende utilizes Capptions to optimize their maintenance processes and client engagements.

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