VCA as a service (veiligheids-certificaat aannemers)


Capptions Direct as a platform for managing compliance to safety and related standards such as VCA, AEO, ISO9001 and ISO45001

Management System as-a-service

Safety is our mission, software our skill. It is Capption’s mission to tool the world’s professionals to make for a safer world for us all. The way we manage safety in our world, is by tasking governments and industry bodies to create rules that balance safety requirements and an even playing field, and maintain those rules.

This way, safety is effectively a matter of compliance to most organisations. And, in today’s complex world, managing safety and related compliance standards is subject to an increasingly high level of detail and increasingly high frequency of change.


For many companies, VCA, short for veiligheidscertificaat aannemers, is required as a license to operate. At a series of documents, checklists and audit formats are published that those companies have to comply with.

Larger organisations have in-house compliance teams to fulfil the required activities. Medium-sized organisations rely on 3rd party specialists to set-up administration and manage the required activities. For smaller teams, keeping an administration and managing the required activities that make up for compliance mostly is a side-job on top of a full-time job as director or manager.

It is for those companies that Capptions Direct is the answer. Capptions Direct offers all IT-infrastructure to set-up administration, including a register of specific actions that make up for the desired standards compliance. Capptions Direct on one hand offers tooling to subject matter experts to create templates for those administrative processes and documents, and on the other offer a complete managed solution to organisations seeking compliance.

With the financial support of Provincie Zuid-Holland, Capptions has performed a feasibility study in terms of technology and security as well as commercial viability.

As a first step, Capptions has engaged with Aboma, to research customer demand and requirements among the smaller members of the Bouwend Nederland industry body.

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