Revolutionize your compliance management

Ready to digitize your compliance processes, create a unified system, and build tailored workflows from scratch?

Transform your organization's compliance strategy with Capptions. Design custom compliance solutions, unify processes across departments, and embrace a digital-first approach. Empower your team with a seamless, efficient, and flexible compliance platform.

Workflow Builder

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Digitize your compliance processes

Discover how you can streamline compliance, create tailored workflows, and revolutionize your processes with Capptions.

Build custom workflows

Design custom compliance processes

Create and implement custom compliance workflows, forms, and reports, ensuring your organization's unique needs are met efficiently.

Centralize compliance management

Unified platform for all departments

Consolidate compliance efforts across departments using a single platform, allowing for better collaboration and consistency throughout your organization.

Embrace digital innovation

Transform and optimize compliance

Digitize your compliance processes to build once and automate forever. Allowing for enhanced accessibility, manageability, and scalability for your organization.

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Create your own Forms

Use the inspection form builder to turn your paper checklists and Excel spreadsheets into digital forms.

Quick & Easy
Build forms in a matter of seconds
Add conditional logic to help (your team) complete inspections faster. Show and hide fields based on their answers.


Generate your own custom Reports

Generate customizable reports and report templates. With just a few clicks, you can create professional-looking reports that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Share with confidence
Choose who exactly to share the report with, giving you full control over the information you share. Including audit trails that cannot be tampered with.
Customize with no-code
Change everything from the colours, typography, logo, display fields and other settings. No coding requried.
Customize with code
Further your customization with the possibility of adding your own HTML & CSS if needed.


Build your own Workflows

Use a node-based workflow builder that makes it easy to scale your compliance workflows.

Build like you imagine
Create simple or complex, customizable workflows for any use-case
Build once, automate forever
Streamline your compliance process and improve efficiency

The Capptions Advantage

Scalable compliance at your fingertips

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional EHS software

Standard EHS software & limitations

Standard EHS software often restricts flexibility and scalability, hindering your ability to adapt and grow. Rigid platforms can lead to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and stifle your organization's compliance potential.

  • Limited customization and scalability
  • Inflexible compliance workflows
  • Disconnected compliance systems across departments

Future of Compliance

Capptions revolutionizes compliance management with a scalable, flexible, and engaging platform. We empower organizations of all sizes and geographies to create tailored compliance solutions while making compliance fun and accessible to anyone.

  • Unparalleled flexibility and scalability
  • Customizable workflow builder for any needs
  • Unified compliance platform for seamless collaboration, harmonizing all silos.
  • Engaging users to encourage compliance
  • Stand out using an EHS software built for scale, innovation, and creativity
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